“When I saw nature killed in front of me — it changed me.”

My story as an environmentalist really started with travel. Seeing the planet in destruction on my own travels have inspired me to make some big changes in my own life.

Plastic pollution — A phenomen I have seen in every part of the world (Photo: Angela Compagnone)

From plant based nutrition to living plastic free; from beach clean ups to following yogic and mindfulness practices. Now more than ever, the type of travelling I do alone and with guests is geared towards a minimal footprint.

As world travellers and nomads become more conscious of the environmental impact of their travels, it has become increasingly important to create travel experiences for those share these values.

For that reason I have created Pangea — a travel company that helps travelers find travel experiences in Cape Town that put nature first. From swimming with seals to foraging workshops we have a wide range of activities for you in mind!

Hop on over and together we will find the perfect adventure for you!